Personalized Help for Military Personnel

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One of the most common post-duty effects that can happen to almost every enlisted men and women in the military is the stress and trauma that comes with being on the tour of duty. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects a majority of servicemen and women who go on a tour of duty each year, coming home to intense difficulty in adjusting back to normal life without being reminded of the terrible experiences they went through on duty.You can also hire a nurse for private treatment. But you should also know how much nurse assisting school costs.

As a result, many would turn to various means to overcome PTSD, from hobbies, to work, to doing simple things to keep their mind off of the past. Unfortunately, some would turn to drugs and other dangerous substances to achieve this. And many would end up being worse than ever; in worst cases, the weaker ones can die as well. That is why almost all military men and women are encouraged to get their health insurance in place. See here for range of health funds. Whether it’s getting rid of past addictions or to simply cleanse your body of blow, you’ll need that extra something to help get rid of that “high“.

And whether you’re on leave or you’re still touring on duty, for those who suffer from the effects of dangerous drugs such as cocaine, and would want a quick cocaine detox on the go will worry no longer with Detox Matrix, whose services can help people from all walks of life to overcome this drug addiction.  The Detox Matrix helps those in need for a cocaine detox anytime anywhere.

cocaine detox military

All over the world, drug abuse continues to be a big threat in today’s society.

With cocaine detox being one the main focus of modern efforts in dealing with these issues, you’ll be glad to do your country a great service by visiting Detox Matrix today!

Partnered with Military Supply, one of the country’s leading suppliers of medical equipment for the military, you’ll have all access to shopping for all your medical supply needs with the most effective and up to date materials that Detox Matrix has to offer.

Dry, Stronger, Noise Barrier Barracks

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You need to know, at least 40% of our home’s energy is lost to air infiltration through walls, windows and doorways. It adds to our energy costs and utility bills. What can we do? Its been proved that, buildings treated with spray foam insulation typically insulate 50% better than traditional insulation products.

For those who don’t know what this is, its a type of spray-applied plastic that can completely insulate roofs, walls, around corners and all surfaces from air, to save us from energy costs and utility bills. Its known to resist heat transfer extremely well and is a very efficient solution in reducing unwanted air filtration. Its also known to act as a barrier to airborne sound transfer through our floors, roofs and walls. There are many service providers who can spray foam insulate your home, like This particular website has been known to provide best in class services in this matter, and also offer military discounts.

A recent study has shown that Edmonton, given it’s extremely cold and humid climate and relatively low precipitation, is one of those cities who suffer from air infiltration related problems severely. Now, their Canadian Forces Base is located in Sturgeon County on the Northeast border of the city and covers 2550 hectares of land. So, we can imagine, how this base is one of the foremost victims of all those air infiltration related energy problems. Needless to say, this Military Base always uses the company Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton.

This benefits the Military Base by:

1. Preventing air and moisture leakage, and making the base more comfortable by reducing air draft. It has a R value of 6.0 per inch thickness though it can also go to 7.0 depending on particular formulation as well as application. On the other hand, fiberglass has R-value of 3.0. R value, in simple terms, means more heat flow resistance. Higher number means higher insulating power.

2. Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton offers huge savings on monthly utility bills. Since this insulation covers the stud and wall cavities from end to end, there are no air gaps and it creates a perfect air seals which means there is no air leakage. You can expect significant savings on your utility bills.closed cell vs open cell insulation

3. Adding to building strength. Closed cell SPF has a density of 1.7 to 3.0 pounds per cubic feet and this density can go higher depending on the formulation. Due to its high density, it also adds to the structural strength when installed in the correct manner.

4. Creating effective noise barrier. Open cell SPF is highly effective in reducing ambient noise and creating a low noise living environment inside the building.

And then, it takes less time to install than conventional insulation materials, and its extremely sustainable. It does not degrade, settle, sag or shrink with time. It is also an insect and fire resistant.

Only Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton will provide excellent service, courtesy to their years of scientifically proven efficient expertise in this matter. Just give them a call to know more about this amazing money saving insulation material. And don’t forget to ask about the military discount!

Best Health Care Benefit For Military In Edmonton

30 August, 2015 (19:50) | Health | By: David Reynolds

A healthy and well taken care of officer can and will defend his nation with passion. The military in Edmonton, Canada offers some of the world’s best health care. It’s been interesting to see holistic care become more prevalent in military healthcare settings. Chiropractic care is an efficient and safe medical practice that manages the patient’s pain through a natural approach. Edmonton Chiropractors are a welcomed solution to many patients suffering from illness that are not easily treated with medication. The best in town can be found at

Military soldiers suffer from serious traumas, high stress levels due to their increased work demand and physical pains that they acquire while in the line of duty; check this Phenibut review. There are basic phlebotomy tests that detect any internal injuries or hidden diseases in the soldiers. It has become a very important part of medical treatments; here’s a useful source regarding the phlebotomy practices. Also, these military patients can find relief through ancient Chinese traditional medicine via Edmonton Chiropractors. Some consider chiropractic care to be one of the best alternative benefits offered to army personnel. Edmonton Chiropractors breaks down just some of the medical conditions they see in soldiers and can naturally treat:

Back pain

Back pain, particularly chronic back pain is a common occurrence in the military. Spinal manipulation is an effective treatment for lower back pains.

military soliders lying in bunkers with backpainBack sprains and back strains

Soldiers often pull and tear ligaments as a result of rigorous tasks and training being carried out on a daily basis.

Degenerative disc disease (DDD)

This is a disorder where the intervertebral discs break down as a result of years of strain, misuse or overuse. These discs may lose elasticity, shock absorption and flexibility. It also leads to dehydration of the discs.

 Myofascial pain

This is a disorder that leaves the soldier in chronic pain. Pressure on trigger points causes profound and aching pain that is unrelated to these body parts. Myofascial pain occurs when a muscle is repeatedly used.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder. It occurs when one experiences and witnesses life-threatening events, for example, military combat, serious accidents, natural disasters, sexual assault or physical assault and terrorist incidents. Those with PTSD may suffer from this disorder experience sleepless nights, have nightmares, and feel detached. PTSD may lead to the victim suffering from depression, having mental health issues, substance abuse, memory problems and marital problems. It is treated through psychotherapy where the patient is counseled. Also, chiropractic care has been shown to release tension in the body allowing room to heal emotionally from trauma.

Chiropractic care is an effective and safe treatment option for military service members, and it’s exciting to see the military branches using alternative health care to make their soldiers whole. Edmonton chiropractors can and will be at your service.

Many Members Of The Military Are Removing Their Tattoos

27 August, 2015 (17:14) | Uncategorized | By: David Reynolds

Research shows that nearly all tattoo symbols have meanings. In this article, we will explore why many military members in Edmonton are removing their tattoos. Is it for decency, medical or work-related reasons? has provided us with statistics to help shed light on the matter.

In October 2012, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) adopted new Army dressing regulations. The instructions were put on paper in September 2012, and all Army men and women were expected to comply with the changes in October, same year. These new Army regulations stipulated that members are not allowed to have any tattoos that are visible on the face, head or ears and beyond the sleeves. hand tattoo not permitted by military policyIt further stated that the military service members shouldn’t acquire both visible and not-visible body piercing adornments other than women’s earrings or ear sleepers in uniform or those in duty but civilian clothing. An arm tattoo shouldn’t go beyond the elbow whereas, on the legs, the tattoo shouldn’t exceed the knee The Canadians were comfortable with the regulations as it conforms to the military values.

In the United States, the policy elicited considerable confusion until March 2014 when clear guidelines were documented. Unlike in Canada, the U.S. laws were a bit relaxed. The latest developments allow members to have as many tattoos as possible below the knee and elbow from the initial restriction of four which were supposed to be not bigger than the wearer’s arm. Tattoos are allowed anywhere apart from the head, face, and neck. One can also have only one ring tattoo per hand, and any other tattoo shouldn’t show in the uniform. Other than those who had tattoos on these positions before, putting one after the March date was a violation of the law. These dressing instructions evoked the military men to have their body tattoos removed.

In both countries, the tattoos allowed must not be pornographic, racist, blasphemous or inclusive of offensive or vulgar wording or design. These were the new Army regulations that were brought about to change the grooming and appearance of the officers. The article, “Updated Army Regulation 670-1” was published on the Army Times on March 31 to clear the confusion that was already in the air. It clearly spelt what was acceptable as well as what was not to clear the confusion.

back tattoo permitted by military policyIn Canada, several Army officers decided to opt-in for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal Edmonton has been a resource for military members to receive laser removal therapy. When stepping into Tattoo removal Edmonton, Canada, you can expect to get your tattoos removed safely and painlessly. The experts use various tattoo removal methods including a laser to remove various colored symbols. The technology used is high-tech, it is medical grade and gold standard that gives the best results. You can also use safe products like the ones from to maintain post tattoo removal skincare routine

The laser has to be absorbed by the tattoo pigment but for this to happen, the laser must have the specific characteristics such as the power to do the job and wavelength of light. The wavelength of the laser penetrates deep into the skin to reach the ink deposits to absorb the ink deposits that need to be removed.

So, if you see soldiers going for tattoo removal, you will understand why. The rules have changed, and soldiers cannot have tattoos on their heads, face, wrists, legs and hands and above all the tattoos shouldn’t be extremist, racist, sexist or indecent. If you are considering the military, don’t allow a past tattoo to keep you from your military dreams. Tattoo removal Edmonton will remove the tattoo using the most reliable techniques, and you can move forward to purpose your military duties.

Military Using File Transfer and Encryption Software

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Overtime people have been sharing files such as pictures, music files both audio and visual and documents. Even old music and other entertainment stuff can be preserved and kept safe through technology these days. This is possible due to the invention of Android file transfer software, where Android devices are compatible with various Operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. Not only are Android devices used for pleasure at home or when hanging out with friends, they are also important for use by military forces.

The Raytheon Company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, is one of the leading defense contractors which manufacture military weaponry. This high technology company also specializes in defense and high level security where Android devices have apps like GPS for tracking troops in a nearer or distant battlefield.

Raytheon invented the Raytheon Android Tactical System (RATS), a Google-based app that was deployed to serve as a tool for equipping soldiers with full R.A.T.Sintelligence. It has various features such as maps where target areas can be located using phone and directions given on how to relocate from one area to another. Photos are taken using Android device cameras which are later shared with other colleagues on the ground or with commanders at other different sites where they can be viewed on computers. RATS also enables a soldier on the ground to share information and track his fellow army men. This is done by one soldier creating a list of soldiers he is tracking from an unmanned plane from where he can stream video of the target area.

Real-time Capability

RATS facilitates real-time because response to the ground is immediate when important information such as latitude of the area, compass direction and time is sent to military intelligence. Photos of rival army groups or outlawed militia can be taken and sent by an Android file transfer to intelligence analysts for analysis and identification thus enabling sharing of real-time information among army men.

RATS Encryption

This app has encryption to ensure that videos or pictures are protected from being hacked and later used by the wrong people or entities. It also ensures that the buddy list in the soldier’s Android files are secure.

Gold Lock 3G

This encryption software is licensed and is used by armed forces in many parts of the world. With its innovation, military files are secured from being accessed by unauthorized persons and also being tampered with. Here are some of the ways on how the military can protect their files with the Android file transfer:

-Voice and data encryption

The Gold Lock 3G software provides military-grade encryption for voice and data communications. It has a triple-layered security scheme that converts military military androidPCs or Android phones into a military-grade encrypted device so as to track and record phone calls, intercept emails or text messages from criminals or terrorists.

-File Transfer

With this software, transfer of android files only requires military personnel to use his Android Smartphone to highlight contact which is secure then after pressing the Send File button the file reaches its intended destination safely.

-Adding and managing secure contacts

By simply clicking on Select Menu then Add Contact button, the name of the device of the secure contact is put in and contact confirmed. To manage contacts, a soldier is only required to log in with user name and password to open his Gold Lock account.


Military Uses Supplements to Build Muscle Fast

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Forskolin is a supplement that burns out fat and improves the body composition. The product is meant to suppress your appetite and block the absorption of fat in the body, thereby promoting the breakdown of stored fats. Learn more about it at Forskolin is a common product, especially to body builders and the military. They use the pure forskolin supplement to recover from injury and maintain their fitness.

The product is known to build lean muscles, low hormones causes and maintain the fitness lifestyle of its users. It also produces human chorionic gonadotropin in males, for muscles build up. The product has extremely limited side effects; in fact, you feel energized and more alert in all your day to day activities.

The product has several unique properties. But the most interesting fact, from the extensive research, is that body builders and military preparing for competition or wars use this amazing supplement. They also use it to recover from injuries and to maintain their lean muscles.

Pure Forskolin is meant to:forskohlii plant

Burn Belly fat
Lose weight
Boost metabolism
Boost Testosterone
Boost energy
Reduce pain associated with Dysmenorrhea
Lose fat

Pure forskolin capsule is made of active ingredients found in all natural vegetables. It has no preservatives, no artificial flavor or color, no milk, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast and no fish.

Directions for use are very easy:

You are required to just take one capsule two times a day, preferably 30 minutes before meals. You are required to consume 8 oz of water. The military and body builders should take one capsule an hour before they work out with their pre-workout shake to take advantage of the vasodilation effect. Women are supposed to take just a capsule daily to help reduce pains associated with menstrual periods (cramps).

pillsThis supplement helps military personnel burn the unwanted fat deposits around the midsection, help them curb hunger pains without changing thei daily routines and they won’t necessarily require exercise to lose weight. The product is also 100% natural and safe. The Product is also known to work almost immediately in boosting the energy levels and in reducing appetite to significant levels.

For safety purposes, do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Want to burn fat faster and improve your body composition? consider pure forskolin for the best results and you will not be disappointed. It will help you lose the unwanted weight comfortably without experiencing the headaches, nausea, and the unwanted bowel movements and other unwanted side effects. Forskolin is also very affordable and healthy to use.

Uses of Tempered Glass Protectors on Military Devices

3 February, 2015 (07:14) | Supplies | By: shop

The military is well known to do much of its work outdoors under the extreme harsh conditions. The soldiers use their electronic computers in the bright sunlight, something that is not easy. They use very dusty, unpaved roads that are sometimes full of pot holes and rocks. As for the navy, their navigating equipment should be clear even when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as the rain, bright sunlight or even salt water splashes. Many lives depend on the clear visibility of the military equipment and that is why this equipment needs protection from these harsh environments by using a glass screen protector. Tempered glass screens can be used on the following military devices;

Battlefield Monitors– tempered glass screen protectors are used by the military to shield battlefield screens from glare and reflections. The tempered glass used has Anti-reflective films that provide a clear view of the screen’s image in very bright sunlight. The glass screen also protects the monitor from mechanical screeninjury because it is very hard for the monitor to get scratches or even chemical damages. The glass screen protector makes it possible for the user to wear polarized sunglasses while using the monitor and he/she can still see the screen clearly. This allows the soldiers to protect their eyes from the sun while still using the computer.

Military Field Laptops– the tempered glass screen protector is used to protect the screen from damage by repetitive scratching, touching and tapping. The screens are abrasion and chemical resistant and therefore the army does not have to worry about finger smudges created by their sweaty, dirty hands. The smudges can just be easily wiped off by wiping with a cloth.

The burning sunlight in the bright daylight would make it quite difficult for the soldiers to take readings from the monitors if they did not use this technology. This glass filters about 99% of the UVB light.

Other devices include the GPS, digital cameras, canned food and microwave ovens. The glass has great military value and has become widely adopted in the entire world.

Navy Ships– the navy also is a huge beneficiary of this type of glass, but not as a glass screen protector on a device. The navigation equipment on the ship all has tempered glass to protect them from the rain water. The sea can sometimes be very harsh especially when there is a storm. The screens are protected and therefore the rain water cannot damage them. The ships sail in salty water which can corrode the devices if it came into contact with them. Sometimes there are splashes in the sea that reach the devices but with the protective screens, the devices are not damaged.

Tempered glass is designed to endure the harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, strong vibrations and dusty or wet conditions. It is designed for the type of roughness the military goes through on a day to day basis and this is why tempered glass is suitable for the military.

Tempered glass

Military Supply