Dry, Stronger, Noise Barrier Barracks

16 January, 2016 (23:00) | Housing, Technology | By: shop

You need to know, at least 40% of our home’s energy is lost to air infiltration through walls, windows and doorways. It adds to our energy costs and utility bills. What can we do? Its been proved that, buildings treated with spray foam insulation typically insulate 50% better than traditional insulation products.

For those who don’t know what this is, its a type of spray-applied plastic that can completely insulate roofs, walls, around corners and all surfaces from air, to save us from energy costs and utility bills. Its known to resist heat transfer extremely well and is a very efficient solution in reducing unwanted air filtration. Its also known to act as a barrier to airborne sound transfer through our floors, roofs and walls. There are many service providers who can spray foam insulate your home, like sprayfoaminsulationedmonton.net. This particular website has been known to provide best in class services in this matter, and also offer military discounts.

A recent study has shown that Edmonton, given it’s extremely cold and humid climate and relatively low precipitation, is one of those cities who suffer from air infiltration related problems severely. Now, their Canadian Forces Base is located in Sturgeon County on the Northeast border of the city and covers 2550 hectares of land. So, we can imagine, how this base is one of the foremost victims of all those air infiltration related energy problems. Needless to say, this Military Base always uses the company Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton.

This benefits the Military Base by:

1. Preventing air and moisture leakage, and making the base more comfortable by reducing air draft. It has a R value of 6.0 per inch thickness though it can also go to 7.0 depending on particular formulation as well as application. On the other hand, fiberglass has R-value of 3.0. R value, in simple terms, means more heat flow resistance. Higher number means higher insulating power.

2. Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton offers huge savings on monthly utility bills. Since this insulation covers the stud and wall cavities from end to end, there are no air gaps and it creates a perfect air seals which means there is no air leakage. You can expect significant savings on your utility bills.closed cell vs open cell insulation

3. Adding to building strength. Closed cell SPF has a density of 1.7 to 3.0 pounds per cubic feet and this density can go higher depending on the formulation. Due to its high density, it also adds to the structural strength when installed in the correct manner.

4. Creating effective noise barrier. Open cell SPF is highly effective in reducing ambient noise and creating a low noise living environment inside the building.

And then, it takes less time to install than conventional insulation materials, and its extremely sustainable. It does not degrade, settle, sag or shrink with time. It is also an insect and fire resistant.

Only Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton will provide excellent service, courtesy to their years of scientifically proven efficient expertise in this matter. Just give them a call to know more about this amazing money saving insulation material. And don’t forget to ask about the military discount!

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