Many Members Of The Military Are Removing Their Tattoos

27 August, 2015 (17:14) | Uncategorized | By: David Reynolds

Research shows that nearly all tattoo symbols have meanings. In this article, we will explore why many military members in Edmonton are removing their tattoos. Is it for decency, medical or work-related reasons? has provided us with statistics to help shed light on the matter.

In October 2012, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) adopted new Army dressing regulations. The instructions were put on paper in September 2012, and all Army men and women were expected to comply with the changes in October, same year. These new Army regulations stipulated that members are not allowed to have any tattoos that are visible on the face, head or ears and beyond the sleeves. hand tattoo not permitted by military policyIt further stated that the military service members shouldn’t acquire both visible and not-visible body piercing adornments other than women’s earrings or ear sleepers in uniform or those in duty but civilian clothing. An arm tattoo shouldn’t go beyond the elbow whereas, on the legs, the tattoo shouldn’t exceed the knee The Canadians were comfortable with the regulations as it conforms to the military values.

In the United States, the policy elicited considerable confusion until March 2014 when clear guidelines were documented. Unlike in Canada, the U.S. laws were a bit relaxed. The latest developments allow members to have as many tattoos as possible below the knee and elbow from the initial restriction of four which were supposed to be not bigger than the wearer’s arm. Tattoos are allowed anywhere apart from the head, face, and neck. One can also have only one ring tattoo per hand, and any other tattoo shouldn’t show in the uniform. Other than those who had tattoos on these positions before, putting one after the March date was a violation of the law. These dressing instructions evoked the military men to have their body tattoos removed.

In both countries, the tattoos allowed must not be pornographic, racist, blasphemous or inclusive of offensive or vulgar wording or design. These were the new Army regulations that were brought about to change the grooming and appearance of the officers. The article, “Updated Army Regulation 670-1” was published on the Army Times on March 31 to clear the confusion that was already in the air. It clearly spelt what was acceptable as well as what was not to clear the confusion.

back tattoo permitted by military policyIn Canada, several Army officers decided to opt-in for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal Edmonton has been a resource for military members to receive laser removal therapy. When stepping into Tattoo removal Edmonton, Canada, you can expect to get your tattoos removed safely and painlessly. The experts use various tattoo removal methods including a laser to remove various colored symbols. The technology used is high-tech, it is medical grade and gold standard that gives the best results. You can also use safe products like the ones from to maintain post tattoo removal skincare routine

The laser has to be absorbed by the tattoo pigment but for this to happen, the laser must have the specific characteristics such as the power to do the job and wavelength of light. The wavelength of the laser penetrates deep into the skin to reach the ink deposits to absorb the ink deposits that need to be removed.

So, if you see soldiers going for tattoo removal, you will understand why. The rules have changed, and soldiers cannot have tattoos on their heads, face, wrists, legs and hands and above all the tattoos shouldn’t be extremist, racist, sexist or indecent. If you are considering the military, don’t allow a past tattoo to keep you from your military dreams. Tattoo removal Edmonton will remove the tattoo using the most reliable techniques, and you can move forward to purpose your military duties.