Military Using File Transfer and Encryption Software

16 March, 2015 (19:41) | Technology | By: shop

Overtime people have been sharing files such as pictures, music files both audio and visual and documents. Even old music and other entertainment stuff can be preserved and kept safe through technology these days. This is possible due to the invention of Android file transfer software, where Android devices are compatible with various Operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. Not only are Android devices used for pleasure at home or when hanging out with friends, they are also important for use by military forces.

The Raytheon Company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, is one of the leading defense contractors which manufacture military weaponry. This high technology company also specializes in defense and high level security where Android devices have apps like GPS for tracking troops in a nearer or distant battlefield.

Raytheon invented the Raytheon Android Tactical System (RATS), a Google-based app that was deployed to serve as a tool for equipping soldiers with full R.A.T.Sintelligence. It has various features such as maps where target areas can be located using phone and directions given on how to relocate from one area to another. Photos are taken using Android device cameras which are later shared with other colleagues on the ground or with commanders at other different sites where they can be viewed on computers. RATS also enables a soldier on the ground to share information and track his fellow army men. This is done by one soldier creating a list of soldiers he is tracking from an unmanned plane from where he can stream video of the target area.

Real-time Capability

RATS facilitates real-time because response to the ground is immediate when important information such as latitude of the area, compass direction and time is sent to military intelligence. Photos of rival army groups or outlawed militia can be taken and sent by an Android file transfer to intelligence analysts for analysis and identification thus enabling sharing of real-time information among army men.

RATS Encryption

This app has encryption to ensure that videos or pictures are protected from being hacked and later used by the wrong people or entities. It also ensures that the buddy list in the soldier’s Android files are secure.

Gold Lock 3G

This encryption software is licensed and is used by armed forces in many parts of the world. With its innovation, military files are secured from being accessed by unauthorized persons and also being tampered with. Here are some of the ways on how the military can protect their files with the Android file transfer:

-Voice and data encryption

The Gold Lock 3G software provides military-grade encryption for voice and data communications. It has a triple-layered security scheme that converts military military androidPCs or Android phones into a military-grade encrypted device so as to track and record phone calls, intercept emails or text messages from criminals or terrorists.

-File Transfer

With this software, transfer of android files only requires military personnel to use his Android Smartphone to highlight contact which is secure then after pressing the Send File button the file reaches its intended destination safely.

-Adding and managing secure contacts

By simply clicking on Select Menu then Add Contact button, the name of the device of the secure contact is put in and contact confirmed. To manage contacts, a soldier is only required to log in with user name and password to open his Gold Lock account.


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